Goodbye Scorching Heat: How Infrared Saunas differ from Traditional & Steam Saunas

October 9, 2018

Remember when you had to share dark rooms with other people in scorching high heat? This may be your past experience of saunas.

The heat was very high and you could only sit in the sauna for a few minutes at a time. You love the health benefits but often it can feel quite uncomfortable.

Traditional and steam saunas have been used for centuries but now sauna technology has changed..

In this post, we’re going to talk about how infrared saunas are different and why they’ve become popular.

Infrared offers lower, more comfortable temperatures and no steam

An infrared sauna is a dry, steam-free sauna.

Infrared sauna temperatures are optimal between 35 and 58 degrees Celsius. This means that you do not need to sit in scorching heat to feel the benefits.

If you’ve ever had trouble breathing in saunas, you will enjoy the difference with infrared therapy.

This is good news for those seeking a pleasurable, soothing experience while still getting a cleansing sweat on!

Wellness programs targeted towards your goals

If you are looking to achieve a certain outcome, our advanced infrared saunas at ODOS can use blends of infrared wavelengths to tailor your session.

There are three infrared wavelengths – near, mid and far. Each wavelength has been researched across the globe and proven to give increased health benefits.

When used in various combinations, blends of infrared can help you achieve to the following goals: Skin rejuvenation, relaxation, detoxification, cardio fitness, weight loss and pain relief.

When you visit us at ODOS, your assistant will explain in detail how each program works and the benefits of each.

A clean, private environment

You can book your personal sauna in a clean, private environment all for yourself. You no longer need to share a large sauna room or steam room with others.

You can still share the experience with friends. Our infrared saunas at ODOS in Armadale can fit up to 3 people.

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Effortless Wellness

Traditional saunas and steam rooms are a helpful ritual.

However, we’d like to introduce you to the latest in effortless, comfortable sauna experiences.

Infrared saunas are the latest trend among celebrities and high profile athletes who swear by the benefits.

Find out why – try an infrared sauna in Melbourne today at ODOS in Armadale.

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