How to Integrate Meditation Into Your Infrared Sauna Session

October 9, 2018

An infrared sauna is the perfect place to meditate – so shake up your meditation routine and try it in an infrared sauna.

When you meditate in an infrared sauna, your body is working under different conditions than if you were to meditate elsewhere. In other words, the conditions of the infrared sauna enhances the meditative experience whilst bringing you a myriad of health and wellness benefits.

Here are a few pointers that can assist you to integrate meditation into your infrared sauna experience.

Choose a temperature that’s right for you

Starting off with the perfect temperature makes it easier to fall into a relaxing state. The optimum heat for an Infrared sauna is between 43 and 58 degrees Celsius. This allows you to adjust the heat to what’s comfortable for you.

If you’re new to the infrared sauna experience, it’s best to preheat the sauna and enter when it reaches about 37 degrees Celsius.

Integrate sound

Music is a perfect way to bring yourself into a deeper state of relaxation.

Sound is also a great way to visualise detoxification as your body begins to sweat.

Whether you decide to use an app, listen to guided meditation via your personal electronic device (such as this Sauna Guided Imagery Meditation) or integrate Acoustic Resonance Therapy into your meditative sauna session, using sound can greatly enhance your sauna experience.

Use essential oils


With all the things going on in your body as you meditate, essential oils will make your sauna experience even more holistic, targeting various ailments you may have whilst providing an aromatic sensory experience. Different essential oils can help assist specific health concerns, such as cold and congestion, headache and nausea, promote relaxation or can be inhaled for an energising boost. Some essential oils that can help deepen your meditative sauna experience might include:


Citrus essential oils, especially lemon have been shown to improve attention and memory retention.

Citrus essential oils can also boost energy – making it a great aroma for any morning meditation session.



Aside from being a common ingredient in cough drops, the fresh mint-like aroma of eucalyptus helps clear sinuses, helps fight colds and aids with congestion.

Combining relaxation, meditation, heat and eucalyptus scent sounds like the ultimate recipe for healing!



If you’re feeling a little bit sluggish, or as if your brain is on the foggier side (and you’d rather skip the coffee), peppermint essential oils might just be your answer!

Peppermint essential oils have been been found to improve processing speed, memory and mental alertness and can relieve stress, anxiety and depression.



Sniffing some rosemary essential oil has been shown to improve cognitive performance by promoting mind clarity, alertness and memory retention as well as decreasing stress and anxiety levels.


Make it regular and start off slow

It may take a few sessions before you start feeling long-term results – even though you’ll feel more invigorated after just one session!

Gabby Bernstein meditates in 40-minute sessions for 3-4 days a week in her Sunlighten infrared sauna – check out her post here on how it’s improved her health and wellbeing.

And don’t forget to hydrate!

As with any other heated environment, it’s important to make sure you drink water before your meditative sauna experience to avoid dehydration. You will lose water weight during the infrared sauna experience, so be sure to replenish your body with water after your sauna session.

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