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Oxygen Therapy

  • Oxygen Therapy is a safe, natural therapy used to assist with optimal wellbeing. 
  • The AirPod is a mild pressure pod   that utilises pressure to increase the oxygen saturation of your blood. It increases beyond the levels achieved at normal atmospheric pressure, leaving you feeling rejuvenated with a sense of clarity and calm.
  • Watch the video below to learn more.

What to Expect

  • What is the experience like?   The AirPod is a comfortable, non-claustrophobic experience. One of our friendly staff will guide you through the experience. Should you have any questions during the session, our staff will guide you via the two way communication system.
  • Do I need to bring anything with me?   Just bring yourself and some comfortable clothing so you can relax and enjoy the experience.
  • What should I do during my session?   You can switch off by falling into a deep sleep or you can read or meditate. Alternatively, electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops are also permitted inside the capsule.
  • Please respect the privacy of others   and do not talk on your mobile phones in the wellness rooms.
  • How long IS the Oxygen therapy session?  60 minute sessions are recommended for optimal benefit.
  • Arrival & Departure   We book in 30 and 60 minute windows, and you have the room for the time you have booked.Arrive on time or early!  We try to accommodate as many of our clients as possible, so we book the rooms back to back with enough time in between to clean and get things ready for the next client. Because of this we ask that you arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment start time and make sure you vacate the room when your time is up.
  • Need to cancel a session?   We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you need to cancel or reschedule within 24 hours of your appointment, your booking will expire.  Note: early cancelled sessions do not receive a refund but rather a credit on your account.
  • No unsupervised children under the age of 12.

Which Program?

  • Oxygen therapy can assist in particular with:
Oxygen therapy is a comfortable experience that utilises mild pressure to increase the availability of oxygen in your body.
The increase of the volume of oxygen in the blood can help get oxygen to the parts of your body that need it. This may help with recovery, inflammation and post-op healing by providing cells and tissues with the oxygen required to heal and rejuvenate.

Numerous elite athletes utilise this modality as a method of supporting general recovery and injury.
ODOS Oxygen Therapy is a meditative, calming experience that uses pressure to increase the availability of oxygen in the blood, supporting general wellness.

The build- up of toxins in your body can cause your mind to fog, creating memory problems. It could even add up to sleeplessness. But with regular oxygen therapy you can clear your mind of worries and feel rejuvenated and fresh again. Great for reducing the effects of jet-lag, stress, fatigue and sleep deprivation.

Users commonly report feelings of mind clarity & alertness after sessions.
The repercussions of a stressful lifestyle can result in the aging process. Regular use of oxygen therapy will assist in improving your circulation. Oxygen therapy supports your overall system and skin complexion.
  • Please note ODOS ​​does not provide medical advice. We recommend you consult with a health care practitioner if you are unsure if using an infrared sauna ​or AirPod​ is right for you. For best results, our ​products should be used in conjunction with an appropriate diet and exercise program. Individual results may vary.

The AirPod, manufactured in Japan, is an established
non-medical therapy embraced by the mainstream user for repair and wellness.